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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
August 2020
Volume 9 No. 8


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I was in Hickory last week-end, shopping The Hickory Furniture Mart. I found a C.R. Laine sofa that I really like and their quality seems good but, I'm unsure of what to do. Would you suggest I purchase the C.R. Laine or spend a few hundred more and get a Lexington by Bob Timberlake? Were going back this week-end to purchase several pieces of furniture.""
Feb 2005

Thank you for the important information you provide on this website. I have recommended this site to many people. We are in the market for a new master bedroom set. I read on on your site very positive remarks about Pennsylvania House. I visited their website and found a local dealer, Macy's. When i went to Macy's they only had one of their collection displayed, the New Standards collection but the salesman told us to stay away from that company because they outsource their work to China. I was surprised to hear this because I know that you only recommend furniture made in the USA. Can you tell me if this is true about Pennsylvania House?
Also, can you recommend other manufacturers of high quality bedroom furniture... we are looking for classic design, solid wood (cherry or maple) that we can have forever and pass on to our children. I don't know the prices these days but am always looking for a bargain. D.W.

Feb 2005

I have an antique drop leaf table with New Priscilla stamped under it. Does anyone know anything about the New Priscilla furniture company? T.B.
Mar 2005

I stumbled on your magazine while looking for Hickory White, et al in an online search. Looks like you're a good resource. Is there a hardcopy I can get someplace?
Our intention is to buy as many American-made products as I can to furnish our home. Our budget allows for middle-of-the-road to better (but not "stratospheric" quality). My tastes run to simple, country (shaker, not overly heavy or ornate), eclectic, simple fabrics and lines, etc.
If we make a trip to NC from Pennsylvania for three or four days (not counting driving), where can I hope to maximize my time? How can I winnow the list of potential manufacturers to match my tastes and/or budget?
Any thoughts on how we can start to organize a furniture research (if not buying) trip would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for helping me at least attempt to Buy American.

Feb 2005

I am looking for an Armoire that quite unique. It was sold by Restoration Hardware in their 2004 catalog. I have contacted them and they discontinued the item and will not dive out any manufaturer information. The name on the item was Richmond Rolltop Armoire. Do you know of any company that would carry of this nature. It for media use and the cabinet closure is a rolltop door, just like seen on desks. In their description they say it was made by 125 year old American Company. Please advise if you can be ANY help. L.M.
Feb 2005

I inherited an old drop leaf table that has a Brandt copper or metal tag inside the drawer that says Brandt furniture "furniture of character" Hagerstown Maryland. The table has the number 3938 on the bottom. I was told that meant it was made in 1939. It been in my family since that time. I can't find out anything about value. T. B.
Feb 2005

What is the best type of bed frame: wood or metal or both? What is the minimum warranty or guarantee should one expect? How about the beds? Can you get a well-constructed bed for $200? Or is it better to go with Simmons, Sealy,etc. or an alterntive, such as Nature's Rest or Tempurepedic, which I'm sure you know are very expensive. I'm single and about 5'9'' and up in age and work in the field of education. G.
Feb 2005

I have been trying to locate the new name, if there is one, for "The Bean Station Furniture Factory". Ross Alan Design is no longer valid, or at least the phone number is not. I purchased matching swivel/glider chairs from American Home Furnishings in Santa Fe NM made by this mfg when we built our home 7 years ago, and a part needs I out of luck? Enjoyed browsing through your web site. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. J.M.
Feb 2005

I have been shopping for couches and chairs and find that I like the quality and style of Massoud the best, but the price is beyond my finances. Is there another brand that you could suggest that I look at that might be comparable or a step under Massoud? Thank you.
Mar 2005

Hi, I'm looking for a high quality sofa with English arms and possibly front casters. I like Baker/Milling Road, Ralph Lauren by Hendredon or Lillian August styling but they are a tad expensive. I know you have to pay for quality but do you know of vendors with this "English Country House" look at better prices? Thanks. I love your magazine!

Apr 2005

We recently picked up a Brandt (Maryland) round table with intricate legs and scrolled side design and four upholstered chairs with wooden carved musical lyers in the mid backs. The Brandt tag has a date of 1901. Anyone have information on this furniture?
Apr 2005

i have a bedroom set with a name and title stamped on the inside. The name is kent Coffey the title is The Sceptre. Does anyone know anything about Kent Coffey?
Jun 2005

I have a bedroom set made by Thomasville in 1954. I was told it is cherry with cherry veneers. The style is Italian Provincial. Do you have any idea what it is worth? Also, did they make any cabinetry in that style? Thank you very much.....barb
Jun 2005

Should I worry about asbestos problems while I'm sanding and refinishing some old childhood Kent-Coffey furniture from the 50's????
Aug 2005

My wife and I purchased Statton cherry livingroom and dining room furniture over 20 years ago when we first moved into our house... we are considering downsizing to a smaller house.. and might not have space for all of it... what would be the best way to determine the current value... and where would be ther best place to post our desire to sell some of it??
Apr 2005

My husband and I recently bought a condo on the gulf coast of Florida that we are using as a weekly vacation rental. I need to replace the sleeper sofa in the living room and was wondering what manufacturer you would recommend that makes a comfortable, durable sofa. Also, I personally find love seats a waste and am thinking of putting two club chairs with ottomans as the other seating, possibly club chairs that even open up into single beds??? Finally, what kind of fabric do you recommend for this kind of furniture that is going to have to endure a lot of people using it and outside cleaning service taking care of? Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.
Apr 2005

A local store carries Massoud and Temple upholstered furniture. It looks very good and is expensive. However, I have never heard of either. The store is a good store and I have bought other things from them. Why would a store carry these brands in upholstered furniture, and not brands of comparable price such as Sherrill or Baker? What do you know about these brands? Thank you. S.F.
Apr 2005

Where do Drexel Heritage, Ethan Allen and Expressions Furniture fit in the upholstery and case goods hierarchy? Typically we are piece by piece purchasers, but right now we are looking at child's bedroom, dining room and study furniture -- trying to get the best quality while paying attention to price. I fell in love with a Kindel table, but with a number of rooms to update in the coming months, not sure I want to spend that much. It sure is difficult looking at anything else when you've looked at Kindel, though... Thanks for your insights!
May 2005

Need information on Kent-Coffey (dauphine) furniture. Thank-you. You can email me on this.
Jul 2005

My husband and I just purchased at a garage sale an antique/classic/vintage bent aluminum glider set....chair, love seat and couch all gliders with cushions that have six buttons each three on top and three on the bottom with white piping around the plaid mesh material. They are too cool. We would like to have more information about the style and year. But can not find any. Can you help. H.T.
Nov 2005

I am in the process of furnishing my home and have a couple of questions. I like traditional style furniture such as Baker,Henkel Harris, and Stickley. Which do you think is the highest quality between these lines. Are they all still made in America?
Jan 2006

I like the look of the hand rubbed finishes on the hardwood furniture from companies like Henredon. I have two questions. 1. what other companies AVOID that "shiny" finish, and give their wood furniture that hand rubbed look? 2. What companies make Dining room furniture that replicates the beautiful classic antique tables and chairs, without looking so new and shiny, and model home looking?
Jun 2005

Can you tell me anything about Scott Thomas and/or Bevan lines? They look great to me, but I'm unfamiliar with them. How do they compare with companies like Henredon and Baker? I've been eyeing some inlaid pieces from Scott Thomas that look gorgeous, and I have an opportunity to get them at a deep discount from a warehouse sale at a local manufacturer. Should I go for it? Thank you for your insight. I've never bought new furniture before and I'm overwhelmed.
Aug 2005

Are you familiar with the line of lamps, "Heyward House" ? I purchased these about 15 years ago from a very reputable Atlanta design store (expensive) and now I want to know if they are still worth keeping, are they really considered fine lamps. I would greatly appreciate your insight, Thanks!
May 2006

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