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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
August 2019
Volume 9 No. 8


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I was in Hickory last week-end, shopping The Hickory Furniture Mart. I found a C.R. Laine sofa that I really like and their quality seems good but, I'm unsure of what to do. Would you suggest I purchase the C.R. Laine or spend a few hundred more and get a Lexington by Bob Timberlake? Were going back this week-end to purchase several pieces of furniture.""

Would you buy a Honda or a Camry? They'll both last forever and be loads of fun to drive. The bottom line is which has the features and looks you like?

Lexington or C. R. Laine? They'll both last, well... in furniture terms... forever, relatively speaking and be beautiful to own. Bottom line is which has the looks and the fabric you want?

I suspect the Timberlake is costing more for two reasons: one, they pay Bob a commission, rather, you pay Bob a commission. And that's fine. I like Bob. Secondly, it is probable that the specific fabric you saw on the Timberlake was a more expensive fabric. Should you find something similar from C. R. Laine it would most likely be about the same price (minus the commission to Bob of course).
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