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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
August 2019
Volume 9 No. 8


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I inherited an old drop leaf table that has a Brandt copper or metal tag inside the drawer that says Brandt furniture "furniture of character" Hagerstown Maryland. The table has the number 3938 on the bottom. I was told that meant it was made in 1939. It been in my family since that time. I can't find out anything about value. T. B.

I haven't, but perhaps one of our readers have. If you can give T.B. any help I will forward your information on to them. Use the link below to respond to me directly.

K.C. writes: I was wondering if you have had any response regarding the Brandt table inquired about? I too have a Brandt mahogany table I’m trying to find the worth of. I’ve found a phone number for the company, 301-733-7000. Perhaps you’d like to pass this phone number along to others.

Amanda Hall writes: My grandfather was the manager of Brandt Furniture Company for several years, so my mothers and Grandmother's houses are full of the company's work. I know that there is not much of it left, and it is pretty popular in the right places on the east coast, so I'd hang on to it and let the cycle of worth come back around in another generation or so.

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