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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
August 2019
Volume 9 No. 8


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My husband and I recently bought a condo on the gulf coast of Florida that we are using as a weekly vacation rental. I need to replace the sleeper sofa in the living room and was wondering what manufacturer you would recommend that makes a comfortable, durable sofa. Also, I personally find love seats a waste and am thinking of putting two club chairs with ottomans as the other seating, possibly club chairs that even open up into single beds??? Finally, what kind of fabric do you recommend for this kind of furniture that is going to have to endure a lot of people using it and outside cleaning service taking care of? Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

Any ideas from the readers?

From Jerry Rosenthal of Continental Furniture:

American Leather makes a wonderful product: the Comfort Sleeper. It has a patented mechanism that does not have the typical metal trampoline. They offer 60 different leathers (in stock at all times) as well as all the solid colors of UltraSuede. With an expected life of 25 years, when you amortize the cost of a leather sleeper vs cloth, it is a great value. I hope this helps.
Jerry Rosenthal
Continental Furniture
2111 - 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

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