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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
August 2019
Volume 9 No. 8


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i have a bedroom set with a name and title stamped on the inside. The name is kent Coffey the title is The Sceptre. Does anyone know anything about Kent Coffey?

Kent-Coffey was a furniture company in Lenoir, NC owned by Harold Coffey. Mr Coffey was one of the leading patriarchs behind the North Carolina furniture industry in its earliest days. His former home at the corner of Harper Avenue and Maple Drive in Lenoir has been turned into a bed and breakfast.

I called the owners of the B&B who were very helpful. It turns out they've been trying to research the company's history as well and would love to hear from any readers or former employees who have first-hand knowledge of Kent-Coffey's past.

So far I've discovered that they were purchased by Singer Furniture Company, who then went out of business themselves. Sometime around 2001-2002 they were named as co-defendant in a lawsuit by a former employee. The employee sued nine companies over asbestos related illness including Singer and Kent-Coffey.

Beyond that I don't have any information for you except that they made very nice furniture. Perhaps one of our readers knows?
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