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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
August 2019
Volume 9 No. 8


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Thank you for the important information you provide on this website. I have recommended this site to many people. We are in the market for a new master bedroom set. I read on on your site very positive remarks about Pennsylvania House. I visited their website and found a local dealer, Macy's. When i went to Macy's they only had one of their collection displayed, the New Standards collection but the salesman told us to stay away from that company because they outsource their work to China. I was surprised to hear this because I know that you only recommend furniture made in the USA. Can you tell me if this is true about Pennsylvania House?
Also, can you recommend other manufacturers of high quality bedroom furniture... we are looking for classic design, solid wood (cherry or maple) that we can have forever and pass on to our children. I don't know the prices these days but am always looking for a bargain. D.W.

Last year I wrote an article about Pennsylvania House being the first company I ever heard of who voluntarily recalled furniture because of quality issues. Their first shipment of the New Standards collection was entirely manufacturered in Asia somewhere and what Pa House had in mind and what the manufacturer sent were two completely different things.

Like most companies in their quality and price range who have gone overseas to find lower cost goods, they found that lower cost means lower quality unless you have the resources and the determination to require Asian manufacturers to adhere to your standards

Rather than risk alienating a generation of buyers for whom New Standards was their first "Pa House" experience, the company unilaterally decided to fix their problems rather than doing what most furniture manufacturers do - pass it off onto the dealers. That said, I have a lot of respect for Pa House and their president, Michael Foster, in particular.

Is it possible the salesperson at Macy's had a bad experience with New Standards and wasn't aware of their "new standards"? We won't know, but I suggest you check out Pa House again.

As far as other manufacturers who would be of higher quality I suggest Henkle Harris, Statton, Baker as alternatives. If any readers have comments they'd like to add to this discussion, please send them to me via the link below.
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