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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
August 2019
Volume 9 No. 8


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I like the look of the hand rubbed finishes on the hardwood furniture from companies like Henredon. I have two questions. 1. what other companies AVOID that "shiny" finish, and give their wood furniture that hand rubbed look? 2. What companies make Dining room furniture that replicates the beautiful classic antique tables and chairs, without looking so new and shiny, and model home looking?

Its interesting how the term "hand rubbed" has become associated lately with the flat matte finishes you're thinking of. A true hand rubbed finish produces a high sheen, and the flat finish you want is one that is best left alone in the final stages of production.

I recommend you look at the following companies to answer both your questions. But keep in mind you may have to specify you want a matte finish, because some of these companies will do either.

Statton, Craftique, Bevan Funnell, Hickory White, Century, Bernhardt, Hickory Chair are my favorites. And if you don't mind looking at a strict import line, you could check out Royal Patina.
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