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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
November 2019
Volume 9 No. 11


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Top 10
Upholstery Brands

This is a tough one. There are as many upholstery companies as there are bills in congress that get voted on but never read. Oh sorry no politics. It's a lot anyway. The problem with upholstery is that the parts of a sofa or chair that matter are hidden. They're buried deep within the frame and covered by a dozen yards of fabric. The springs, the clips, the frame, the webbing, the cushions, the corner blocks, all the things that make an upholstered piece last longer than the cardboard box it shipped in are mysteriously glued, stapled and sewn out of sight. That's where you have to trust the people who sell them to let you know what they would buy if they had the money.

As a caveat , one can't judge an upholstered piece strictly by quality. A very feminine delicate French corner chair covered in silk fabric wouldn't last five minutes with a room full of toddlers, but it might be worth $5,000 because it was handmade and covered in exotic silk. However, that is the exception! For most of us, whether able to purchase a $10,000 leather sectional or only a $1,000 sleeper we want to know that the part so carefully hidden by the manufacturer was put there with a determination to make the finest quality furniture possible for the price range.


C. R. Laine - A favorite for decades. Made in Hickory, NC C. R. Laine puts great pride and craftsmanship into every piece of upholstery they make. They are in the upper middle price range, but for quality/price they are hard to beat.

So who do you think should end up in the Furniture Magazine Top 10 upholstery category? Contact me and let me know. Tell me the category you're voting on. Why you think you've got a winner. If you're a decorator, designer or store salesperson and want your name and contact information published (free business!) let me know that too.

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