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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
November 2019
Volume 9 No. 11


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Top 10
Recliner Brands

Years ago the recliner industry was the red-headed step child of the industry. Recliners were predominantly made in Mississippi or Arkansas by people who got paid by the number of recliners they could make in an hour, not by how many recliners they could make in an hour well. If you couldn't do anything else in furniture you could start a recliner company and sell your wares out of a truck parked in an empty gas station lot, next to the guy selling the velvet Elvis posters and the rugs painted with huge tigers.

Fortunately things have changed. Leather companies discovered that there was little in life that could match the feel of a supple leather recliner. Upper end upholstery companies began competiting in the market and soon the overall quality level began to slowly rise.

So who do you think should end up in the Furniture Magazine Top 10 recliner category? Contact me and let me know. Tell me the category you're voting on. Why you think you've got a winner. If you're a decorator, designer or store salesperson and want your name and contact information published (free business!) let me know that too.

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