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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
November 2019
Volume 9 No. 11


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Top 10
Home Office Furniture Brands

It's hard to find a department store or mail order catalog that doesn't sell some kind of home office furniture, whether it's a metal rolling desk or a file cabinet that fits under your bed. And for good reason, the explosion in home offices has made this a very profitable category. That's nice. But unfortunately for every dozen pieces of imported junk there are very few decent buys out there, whether imported or made domestically. We're on the hunt for drawers that slide smoothly and don't fall out when you pull them too far. We've got our eyes open for file cabinets that don't wobble side by side when they're filled with paper. We are desperate to find furniture for the home that doesn't chip and flake like a bad pastry shell when you bump or bang it

Who do you think should end up in the Furniture Magazine Top 10 Home Office category? Contact me and let me know. Tell me the category you're voting on. Why you think you've got a winner. If you're a decorator, designer or store salesperson and want your name and contact information published (free business!) let me know that too.

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