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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
November 2019
Volume 9 No. 11


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Top 10
High End Furniture Brands

There is something mystical, almost ethereal about the finest high end furniture. You have to experience it to know the feeling. It's not just furniture it's art you live on. Plato Wilson, a representative for Henkle Harris used to boast he could walk through a furniture showroom blindfolded and pick out the Henkle Harris just by touch. It's not something that can be explained, you just have to experience it.

Your Pick

Who do you think should end up in the Furniture Magazine Top 10 High End Furniture category? Contact me and let me know. Tell me the category you're voting on. Why you think you've got a winner. If you're a decorator, designer or store salesperson and want your name and contact information published (free business!) let me know that too.

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