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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
November 2019
Volume 9 No. 11


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Top 10
Decorating Resources

Magazines, websites, books, TV shows, the number of resources available for the decorator, either professional or stay at home mom is endless. Not all of it is really helpfull though, some is just a rehash of what you've seen a dozen times, some is downright confusing, some sounds like an author was under a deadline to turn in their manuscript whether finished or not.

What have you seen that everyone else could benefit from? Let me know and we'll post it here. We're especially looking for resources that tell you not only what looks good, but who makes the piece of furniture just featured, or at least something like it. Those are very very few however so we'll take the next best resources.


HGTV - The frustrating part of HGTV is that you can't duplicate much of what you see. It's not like watching Rachel Ray where you can pull the ingredients out of your refrigerator and do the same thing.

Who do you think should end up in the Furniture Magazine Top 10 decorating resources? Contact me and let me know. Tell me the category you're voting on. Why you think you've got a winner. If you're a decorator, designer or store salesperson and want your name and contact information published (free business!) let me know that too.

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