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ISBN NO. 1543-3803
August 2017
Volume 9 No. 8


This page sponsored by Decorator's Edge. Unique Custom Interior Designs & Accessories

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Tel: 886-2-2713-0333
Fax: 886-2-2715-0333

286 County Home Road
Taylorsville, NC 28681
(828) 632-7731, (828) 632-0351 FAX
In 1973, an Alexander County family started building upholstered furniture with dedication to quality and handcraftsmanship as the cornerstone of the company. Today, many of their employees are descended from those same North Carolina Piedmont roots. They are a family business then, and retain those bonds today.

Alas, Taylor Woodcraft went out of business in 1998. We will miss them, they made very nice products. Apparently, enough of you didn't know that.

1851 9TH Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601
828.324.9944, 828.324.9945 FAX
Experts in the leather business, TCS brings a wealth of design and style to the furniture industry.

3961 St. Albans Ave
North Vancouver, B.C., V7N 1S9
Tel: 877.666.8325
Wholesaler of hand- crafted Indonesian teak furniture, including patio, outdoor, indoor, and garden furniture. Shipped directly from the teak manufacturer to the retail store. Made from government owned, sustainably managed forests on the island of Java each piece is made to order and shipped in 20 or 40 foot containers. All their furniture is thick cut, kiln dried and fitted with solid brass hardware.

85 Church St., Po Box 299, Granville, NY 12832.
(518)642-1100, Fax (518)642-2536
Telescope has been a family owned business for over 90 years. They started out making a rugged army cot that was light and compact and easy for troops to carry into battle. The legs telescoped into themselves for easy handling. The same quality that went into the first products has carried into their current production of outdoor furniture. They offer cushion and sling styles, tables and chairs in white, ivory, green, black or sandstone. They also make a full line of serving carts, planters, rocking chairs, gliders, director’s chairs and settees. Styles are offered in traditional and contemporary. Outdoor catalogs are fun to browse through because of the beautiful settings, so be sure to look through the whole catalog when you’re shopping.

Tell City went out of business in 1996.

207 South 7th St
Maiden, NC 28650
Tel: (828)428-8031
Fax: (828)428-3246
Temple's history began, in all places, in a converted church building. (Pardon the pun.) Cecil Parker, along with his brothers, Kenneth and Grady started their company with the dream of filling a niche in the furniture industry, medium price, well made furniture that would appeal to the value-conscious shopper. Not that there weren't other companies already doing that, but like every entrepreneur, they thought they could do it better. That was in 1962. Now more than forty years later, the sons have continued the tradition of 8-way hand tied medium priced upholstery and leather furniture that represents a great value for the average consumer. If you compare what you get for the money from Temple against what you get for the same money from a national furniture chain that doesn't specify brands, you will find the Temple is a fabulous buy and should outlast the competitors with no problem.

2137 E. 55th St
Vernon, CA 90058
888.288.3676 FAX
Artwork, tables and lamps.


230 S. Rd., PO Box 5867, High Point, NC 27262.
(336)841-6000, Fax (336)841-3245
Founded in 1953, Thayer Coggin was amoung the first companies to pioneer contemporary furniture. From the very beginning they have been recognized as a leader in modern residential and office furniture. The company's founder, Thayer Coggin, has been awarded the Outstanding Design Support Award by the American Society of Furniture Designers.
From its beginning, Thayer Coggin's association with chief designer, Milo Baughman has been one of their secrets to success. Some of his designs have been exhibited in museums throughout North Carolina and New York. In 1987, Mr. Baughman was honored by the ASFD with it's Distinguished Designer Award, the first still practicing designer to recieve that award. The Thayer Coggin complex includes over 385,000 square feet of manufacturing and showroom facilities.
Thayer Coggin includes every style and design you could want in contemporary design. They want to give you the choices you need to do your home or office the way you want it. Once you get past the usual assortment of contemporary sectionals and chairs and sofas, you find that Thayer Coggin stands alone in their depth of cutting edge designs. You can choose from 50's retro, classics, Biedermeier, light wave, recliners that REALLY don't look like recliners, modulars and sectionals that give you plenty of options and home theatre styles.

Richard Casey and his wife "Sam" started The Casey Collection in 1992 using hand made paper as it's raw material. Ken Taylor of "Taylor's on Ten / Dallas Market", asked the Caseys if it were possible to create a line of wall decor that looked like broken architectural elements. No problem! Well, no one writes books on how to develop your own product. The demand of the architectural pieces became so great, the Caseys needed to develop new raw materials that were light in weight and to create new techniques in design and casting. Another demand from the industry was to develop the line to be for indoor or outdoor use. So much for hand made paper! The Caseys are very proud to be involved in an industry they love and have worked so hard to be a part of.

I think the Chair Company went out of business in 2002. Can anyone verify this?

PO Box 811767, Boca Raton, FL 3348.
(561)995-7625, Fax (561)995-7647
They make dummy books. Beautiful, hollowed out versions that look like hand-tooled leather. Great for hiding keys or valuables.

PO Box 588, High Point, NC 27261.
(336) 889-4111
(336)887-5935 Fax
Very exclusive manufacturer of accent and casegood pieces. All traditional styles, chosen for their uniqueness and ability to stand out for their quality and design. Great line for designers and decorators looking for a unique item.

1104 Clark Street, Greenville, NC 27834
252-758-0641 (FAX) 252-758-0375
The Hammock Source is the parent company for Hatteras Hammocks, a wonderful collection of hammocks, hammock stands, accessories, rockers and swings. The Hammock Source also makes the fabulous Pawleys Island rope swings which are marketed under the name Pawleys Island. These are the swings you see beautiful models laying in on luxurious tropical islands. Now you can have your own and join the beautiful people in your own back yard.

55 Washington St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 718.643.4155
Fax: (718) 643-4156
Pillows and bed ensembles

Get your passport to the ends of the world. Accessories, iron furniture, wood furniture and artifacts from exotic locations make this a fun place to shop.

(888) 270-5882, FAX (530) 827-2158
African Wildlife Decor


U.S. U.K. Spain
Sherrill Furniture
P.O.Box 2640
Hickory, NC 28603
Tel: (1) 828 322 2640
Fax: (1) 828 327 7616
Theodore Alexander (London) Ltd
Chapel Hill
Kingsclere Road
Basingstoke,Hants,RG21 5UQ
Tel:(44) 01256 406 200
Fax:(44) 01256 406 205
Grancasa, S.L.
Polig. Industrial Ana
C/ Electrodo, 5
28529 Rivas Vaciamadrid. (Madrid)
Tel: (34) 91 666 72 23
Fax: (34) 91 666 72 35

"Theodore Alexander was founded by the enigmatic Paul Maitland-Smith in 1996. An industry legend who has pioneered high-end furniture production throughout Asia for the past 25 years. The company has headquarters in Asia, owning one million square feet of production plants with 6,000 employees, and further developments in hand. Making Theodore Alexander one of the largest furniture manufacturers in South East Asia. Most of the expertise comes from over 30 expatriates working in the plant; Italian, American, Philippine, English, French, Macedonian & Indian. This expertise allows Theodore Alexander total control to design & produce items of timeless charm and of the highest quality. Famous for it's diversity of product, original design and innovative use of materials, Theodore Alexander currently has over 4,000 products in its range. The majority of design influences are mostly from the 18/19th centuries, with some Art Deco and contemporary lines. Paul Maitland-Smith and Gerry Paglinawan add the Theodore Alexander twist, to give the product its well known eclectic look. Theodore Alexander products are now available throughout most major countries worldwide, with the brand being recognised as a sign of unique design and quality." From the factory web site

232 LaBree Ave. South
Thief River Falls, MN 56701
Tel: (218) 681-3919, (800) 569-8105
Fax: (218) 681-8334
You're flipping through a magazine and there is the room of your dreams. It's not the wallpaper or the furniture that catches your eye but the waist-high bed with mounds of fabulous pillows and layers of beautiful fabrics that seem to pour over the edge like a waterfall. "Wow," you think, "can you imagine the work that went into putting all those fabrics together and having it custom made? I could never afford something like that." Actually, it is a lot of work, but on Thief River Linen's part, not yours. They have made the task of turning ordinary ho-hum beds into stunning room settings an art form. And they've made it easier for you and more affordable than you would imagine. Their catalog is laid out in a logical format so you can pick your fabrics and all the coordinating layers and feel confident that everything is going to look fabulous when you're all done.

AL PO Box 339
Thomasville, NC 27361
(336) 472-4000, (336) 472-2399 fax
Thomasville is one of the few recognizable names in the furniture industry. For decades they have provided a broad range of furniture at varying prices and quality ranges in styles that lead the way for each generation. Thomasville has continues to make products that consumers want because they listen to their dealers and to their end users.

7501 East Redfield Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 948-0600
Thunderbird Furniture, founded in 1954 in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a maker of fine bedroom furniture. They take great pride in craftsmanship and modern technology combined with quality materials to ensure years of enjoyable service. Contemporary and shaker are very complementary these days. Shaker seems to have found a great following among those who love the fresh clean lines of contemporary and the clean lines of Shaker. It is no wonder then that Thunderbird, which makes some very nice contemporary groups would offer Mission/shaker groups as well.

An unusual marriage of American marketing and Chinese carpet weaving has produced some of the finest quality carpets available. Tianjin, China has a reputation for its weaving ability, and with the implementation of new machinery they are setting new standards in machine-made Oriental carpets. Some consumers want a hand-made rug because it is unique and has a different look from any other carpet ever made. Tianin-Philadelphia carpets will not have those characteristics. It is important to realize that because of the steel looms these carpets have tighter weaves, straight and even lines, uniform pattern detail and a plush thickness.

AL P.O. Box 1148, Conover, NC 28613
828-464-1778, fax 828-465-3101
Timmerman Mfg. Inc. is a family owned business established in 1968 to manufacture extremely high quality wrought iron furniture for the homeand custom contract items for wholesale furniture manufacturers. Highly-skilled artisans fabricate each piece of furniture by hand. After each piece is constructed it is carefully inspected and cleaned by removing all of the dirt, grease, and scale. The piece is then etched to provide a superior surface for the paint to adhere. Every item is painted with an electrostatic painting system that causes paint to flow evenly and uniformly around each piece. When properly cared for, the furniture will last for years. Items available include Baker's Racks, Bar Stools, Dining Sets, Wall Units, Beds, and Outdoor Sets. Specialty finishes are available including Antique Gold, Verdi Green, Antique White, Charcoal, Antique Slate, Pewter, Black and White. One of these finishes will complement any home decor.

5270 Vally Road
Berkley Spring, WV 25411
(304) 258-2818, fax (304) 258-5479 Tom Seely Furniture is hand built by individual craftsman out of solid wood. Because the furniture is not mass-produced on assembly lines, you can choose from a wide variety of stylistic options to customize it to your liking. Most items can be constructed out of pine, oak or cherry and finished with one of twelve different stains. The use of veneer or particleboard is never employed in construction, instead they utilize joinery techniques that were the standard of quality cabinetmaking centuries ago, before mass production became the norm, lending superior strength to all of our furniture's construction. Seely’s Furniture uses techniques such as "mortise- and-tenon joints" and "shiplapped", a traditional technique of overlapping boards, which allows the wood to expand and contract. Tom Seely is furniture built to last for generations. Solid wood.

67 Biesecker Rd.
Lexington, NC 27292
323.231.2349, 323.231.2634 FAX
TomLin Designs was established in October 1992 and is a division of LampCrafters, Inc. which has been in the lamp and shade manufacturing business for over 17 years. All of the TomLin Designs products are made within the factory in Lexington, North Carolina, including the exquisite hand-sewn and crafted lamp shades. The majority of lamps and accessories are made from composite materials such as fiberglass resin and other fillers such as wood byproducts, stone, or light weight glass beads. The advantages of using composite materials is the ability to control weight and texture as well as allowing the factory to be "cost wise" with the product. TomLin Designs takes great pride in the creation of "One-of-a-Kinds". This has been accomplished through an endless search for tasteful antiques as well as commissioning carved or sculptured pieces out that are known only to TomLin. Items such as these can not be found anywhere else. TomLin is still one of the few that continues to capture a rich, high quality finish by doing it the "old fashioned" way. Each and every one of the TomLin Designs pieces goes through a painstaking series of hand-rubbing to achieve that "old world" effect. Gold and silver gilts are applied just as the old world craftsmen have done for centuries. Individual sheets of metal are carefully placed on each object one sheet at a time where they are brushed and burnished to create the look that no paint can ever match. Tomlin Designs was established, as its name and logo depicts, to provide the home furnishings industry with "Our Contribution To Smart Southern Style". With this statement and theme for the company, TomLin Designs is committed to making products that are traditional in style and design but on the leading edge of traditional interpretation through creative usage of mediums, finishes and shading treatments that result in unique and innovative products.

103 Broad Street
Charleston, SC 29401
Tel: (843) 722-1160
Fax: (843) 722-2166
Tortoise International Inc. is an importer and designer of British & Dutch Colonial Plantation furniture and accessories from the East & West Indies. Individually hand crafted furniture and accessories out of teak, mahogany, rattan, sea grass, water hyacinth, banana weave and leather. These select pieces are recreated by using century old wood working techniques of the master craftsman for Tortoise International exclusively.

330 19th St. SE
Hickory, NC 28602
Phone: 828.258.3467
FAX: 828.258.8645

5 Marconi
Irvine, CA 92718
(714) 951-2010
(714) 951-0716 fax
Aluminum outdoor furniture. Over 20 collections in sling, strap and cushion. Tropitone's designers work hard to bring you styles you won't find in the cheap import products. This furniture will look just as good around your pool as it will at a multi-million dollar resort. In fact, you will find a lot of Tropitone at resorts around the world because of their reputation for quality, value and great design. They offer every kind of table you could possibly need as well as standard umbrellas and market umbrellas. Every company needs something to help them stand out. Tropitone offers 5 types of cushion design and 2 types of slings so that you can customize your collection according to your comfort needs.

95 Chastain Rd.
Suite 201
Kennesaw, Ga. 30144
Tel: (800) 243.5141
Fax: (770) 795.9421
Since 1948 Trosby Furniture has been reproducing fine 18th and 19th century furniture for home and office. Think case pieces for Trosby instead of complete collections, that's how furniture in the 18th century would have been purchased anyway. A china cabinet here, an end table there, a hall piece this month, a large armoire next year. We believe when you see and touch the furniture you'll appreciate the exquisite mahogany and burl inlays, along with satinwood and rosewood accents.

Suite 227
351 Peachtree Hills Ave NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
Tel: (404) 816 8612
Fax: (404) 816 7181
Seventy percent of the images Trowbridge sells are exclusive to them and not available to anyone else. For 20 years Trowbridge has been supplying the very best reproduction and antique framed prints to private buyers and the interior design trade world-wide. Using only the finest antiqued materials Trowbridge captures the warmth of original 17th, 18th and 19th century prints in their reproductions. Because every frame is handcrafted from wood and finished by hand using early Dutch, Italian and English designs the result is a framed picture that has the impact and quality of the original for the price of a reproduction. rowbridge control all aspects of production, working with frame suppliers to ensure consistent high quality and a steady flow of new and refreshing designs to keep pace with today’s design trends. Part quoted from the Trowbridge website

1532 S. Washington Ave
Piscataway, NJ 08854
tel: (800) 944-6433
fax: (800) 677-6828
Casegoods of all kinds know for their international flair.

2545 West Diversey, Chicago, IL 60647.
tel: (773) 384-0800
fax: (773) 384-7526
Purchased by Frederick Cooper Lamp company in 1977, Tyndale has survived among hundreds of lamp companies by focusing on design and high profile niche marketing. In other words, they design beautiful lamps and sell them to, or under names such as: Larry Laslo, Raymond Waites, Vicente Wolf and Lee Weitzman, as well as licensed lighting collections for Grange and Mandalay. All of these licenses co-ordinate with furniture collections produced by some of the nation's leading furniture manufacturers including: Drexel Heritage, LaneVenture, John Widdicomb and Directional.

2004 Eastwood Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28403
Tel: 877.896.3255
Tyndall Creek went out of business July 2006. A real shame to see them go. They made some of the best quality rockers you'd ever find. They were made in southern Brazil from Andean Maple harvested in Paraguay.

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